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“Why can’t we see the movement of the tides in a glass of water?”Essay by Alex Hetherington to accompany the film ........ Mean Time (2020)

Exhibition text by Alex Hetherington for solo exhibition 'Poly' at No35, Bannockburn (2018)

Exhibition publication with essay by Tina Fiske for solo exhibition 'Deploying Culture' at Cample Line (2018)

Essay by Gary Zhexi Zhang in response to 'Movable Type; Under Erasure' (2016)

Review of 'Fib' solo exhibition of LUX film & video comission at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (2013)

Mousse Magazine review of 'Accidently on Purpose' at QUAD gallery, Derby (2012)

Review by Talitha Kotze of 'Early Relativity' at The Duchy Gallery, Glasgow (2011)

Publication essay by Dr. Sarah Smith to accompany the work in the exhibition 'Natural Order' Glasgow (2009)

Essay by Bridget S. Prince to accompany the group exhibition ‘Preparatory Ways’ at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2009)

The Scotsman Art review of 'Preparatory Ways' exhibition at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2009)



Texts by Karen Cunningham:

'The Anthropology Effect' commissioned by MAP magazine a curatorial project running from 2013 - 2014 featuring film and video works with accompanying essays which consider the intersection between Anthropology and Contemporary Art.

'The Quantum Realm' a comissioned essay written in response to an exhibition of video works by Una Knox, Sarah Rose and Pilvi Takala. Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 2012

'Essay for an artwork, destroyed' read aloud at the closing event of Sculpture Garden, Kritzendorf Strombad, Vienna 2012

'Follow the Line' essay to accompany Leonora Hennessy's solo exhibition 'A Temporary End' at Intermedia, Glasgow 2009

'Patterns of Force' essay accompnaying exhibition of the same name by Fred Pedersen, David Sherry and Gordon Schmidt. Glasgow 2007

'Introduction to the Work' Mai 68/Comeback Special (74 min) by Gordon Schmidt in the 2-person exhibition Be Young and Shut Up! at Galerie Werner Whitman. Montreal, Canada 2006


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