Karen Cunningham: Selected installations

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Installed at Campleline, within solo exhibition 'Deploying Culture' (2018)


'Contextural' (detail view)


'Contextural' (detail view)


'Contextural' (detail view)



Transference (or whose economy is it ?)

Installed at Walden Affairs, as part of the solo exhibition 'Plasma' (2013)

Cotton bed sheets sewn together and holes burnt with cigarettes



The Just Past

Strombad Kritzendorf, Vienna, Austria (2012) Dehydrated grass 2.5 x 2.5 m, wood frame 2.5 x .5 m, paint, ropes & laserdiscs

Essay for an Artwork, Destroyed



They Saw Things Her Way When They Accepted Rationality Was Speculative

Solo exhibition, Mackinstosh Building, Glasgow (2009)

installation view from balcony

Stone wheel (carved by the Artist from Portland Stone) plywood, cardboard, wood, book (Oh What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me! by Edmund Carpenter), graph paper, elastic band, salmon pink cushion foam, 4 bricks, 4 large water bottles, water, cleaning detergent, car engine oil, chipboard, emulsion paint, Satellite dish, acrylic paint applied by hand.

detail view showing the book 'Oh What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me!' by Edmund Carpenter (1976)

The book is open at a page showing the viewer a section in which Carpenter discusses how changes in culture, specifically language (spoken and written) alter our experience of the physical world.

"The so-called real world turns out to be not nearly so independent of human consciousness as we once thought. Even the most basic categories of grammer cannot be assumed to be universal".



Made to be engaged with as a 'whole' piece when viewed from the balcony and as a collection of individual components or parts when walking through the work. These different ways of engaging with the work mean that it can be experience on a purley visual level or, by physically navigating yourself through the work, can be experienced on a more a more relational level. These different views along with the title of the title of the work question the prevelanece of sight as a way in which to experience the World.

Configured from a mixture of made and found or selected objects and materials which all relate in different way to ideas of progress. Crucially the stone wheel was hand-carved my myself, conveying the apparent virtuous natue of making as an activity.




Substance of We Feeling (2008 - present)

'Made from synthetic coloured sand 'Substance of We Feeling' is a recurring and temporary floor-based work which is manifest in different configurations depending upon where it is made. The title is a phrase taken from the 1979 novel 'Shikasta' by Doris Lessing.

Substance of We Feeling (analysand)

Made for the solo exhibition 'Plasma' at Walden Affairs, The Hague, The Netherlands. (2013)

Synthetic coloured sand. approx 2 x 3 m


Substance of We Feeling

4.5 x 3.5 m. Glasgow International (2008)

Substance of We Feeling (made whilst thinking about the Large Hadron Collider and the Collective Unconscious)

6 x 2 m. Exhibited in Karen Cuningham (solo exhibition) at Outpost Gallery, Norwich (2010)


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